TS was born in the 70’s in Bologna, the Italian Silicon Valley of Packaging branch, and takes its first steps mainly in Garden branch (seeds), where it reaches soon the quote as leader on the Italian market, as well as for coffee. The machines dedicated to these branches are semiautomatic filling machines that pack the product starting from premade pouches.

Thereafter, through the projecting and production of FFS machines (Form, Fill & Seal), TS, strong of its previous experience, enters with strength also in food, chemical and cosmetic branches, where the competition with the Spanish and German giants is fierce.
In the 90’s, therefore, in order to satisfy all kind of requests, Ts has projected and produced also customized machines, according to the customers’ requests, but out of the standard logics of more important manufacturing Companies.

In 2007, the turning point: TS has been taken over by Robino & Galandrino SpA of Canelli, in the area of Asti, already worldwide leader in Eno-tecnology branch, with a staff of more than 100 employees and a total surface of 15.000 m2. In 2009, after having been definitely transferred to Canelli, TS starts belonging to Robino & Galandrino Spa (already part of the I.G.T. Group) as a real division; therefore in 2010 there are 2 divisions: the “enology” division and the “packaging” division.

Facciata Robino & Galandrino S.p.A.

Robino & Galandrino SpA – TS Packaging Division revises projects of all machines produced till then and decides to improve them by making them more competitive on the market, thanks to the enormous engineering background experience. But not only; projects new and innovative systems for flexible packaging both in HFFS (Horizontal Form, Fill & Seal) than starting from premade pouches (automatic carousel filling machines).
Today, Robino & Galandrino SpA – TS Packaging Division supplies its customers with complete lines for packing the products or for production of small lots of flat, stand up or shaped pouches.

As confirmation of the extraordinary Company’s growth, thanks to the cooperation with Hosokawa Yoko, Japanese leading Company in the eastern market in supplying films and pouches, the project CORNER ZIP® has been carried out: an accessory that, inserted in the upper corner of the pouch, offers remarkable advantages in opening and closing the pouch and in dosing and maintaining the product itself. An accessory that offers remarkable advantages in opening, closing of the pouch, in dosing and keeping the product itself.

The branches we turn our attention to are many, among them (all those where the main character is flexible packaging) but especially:

  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Cosmetics
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical / Parapharmaceutical
  • Medical / Biomedical
  • Market Garden
  • Pet food

TS Packaging Division

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