The Doypack pouch is the essential packaging to ensure maximum visibility of your product, it combines your marketing strategy with the versatility of a package that drastically reduces logistics costs and environmental impact, especially when compared to those of traditional rigid containers .
It is easy to imagine how in the transport phase the space occupied is infinitely less (up to 10 times), and so are the relative costs. The Doypack pouch is compatible with any type of product.

It also uses about 75% less plastic than a rigid container of the same capacity.

There is a list of accessories which improve and optimize the ease of opening, the airtightness and can facilitate the portionability of the product.
For example the Easy open which facilitates the opening of the pouch in the desired area; the resealable Zip which limits the leakage of product and odors as much as possible; the various types of caps that make the pouch usable as if it were a bottle or a sac-à-poche and can be positioned both centrally and laterally depending on the intended use of the product.
Other accessories are also available to optimize the use of the pouches such as the Euro hole which facilitates their display or the handle to facilitate their portability or dosage.

The Doypack pouch, for several years now, has been a packaging idea with unquestionable added value.

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