Stand up pouches are extremely original, convenient and practical packaging.

They drastically reduce logistics costs and environmental impact, especially when compared to traditional rigid containers. It is easy to imagine how in the transport phase the space occupied is infinitely less (up to 10 times), and so are the relative costs.

They also use approximately 75% less plastic than a rigid container of the same capacity.

Compatible with any type of product

The particular shape of the bag with the flat bottom allows them to stand up on their own, giving them a higher visibility on the shelves than traditional bags. They are therefore packages suitable for companies that want a unique packaging for their product, knowing how important this is for the marketing of the product itself.

There are a series of accessories which improve and optimize the ease of opening, the airtightness and can facilitate the portionability of the product.
For example the Easy open which facilitates the opening of the bag in the desired area, the resealable Zip which prevents the leakage of product and odours; the caps that make the bag usable as if it were a bottle and can be positioned centrally.
Other accessories are also available, such as the Euro hole which makes it easier to display. Stand up pouches, with the addition of the valve, are also ideal and in great demand as coffee pouches.

In addition to the Doypack of which you will find a detailed description in the dedicated chapter, the family of Stand up pouches also includes Gusset pouches and the so-called Square Bottom pouches.

Gusset pouches

They are comfortable and capacious packs, designed for the packaging of products such as coffee beans, biscuits or pet food, but not only. The gussets on the sides of the bags allow the packs to contain large quantities of product. Once filled they have the ability to stand on their own, we suggest their use even with heavy products. For example it is preferable for coffee beans rather than tobacco.

Square bottom pouches

They have nothing to envy to other packaging in terms of quality and aesthetic elegance. They are especially ideal for high-end products, such as high quality coffee, pasta, refined tea or top quality confectionery products, but also cosmetic products. The Stand up pouch, for several years now, has been a packaging idea with indisputable added value.

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