The Flat 3 or 4 side welding pouches are convenient and practical packages. They drastically reduce logistics costs.
It is easy to imagine how in the transport phase the space occupied is infinitely less (up to 10 times), and so are the relative costs, especially if compared to traditional rigid containers. They also use approximately 75% less plastic than a rigid container of the same capacity.

Compatible with any type of product

The bags are typically used as food packaging for dried fruit, vegetables, olives, even large bags (with a volume of up to 5 litres) for food for large-scale distribution (canteens, food laboratories), or even small bags for monodoses of salt, oil or similar. Foods that must be consumed immediately and, after opening, do not need to be stored for a long time.

Flat pouches can be equipped with accessories for the product storage such as zips or degassing valves. They can be produced with various types and thicknesses of materials to allow, if required, the passage in the autoclave after filling. For all these characteristics, Flat pouches are among the most widespread on the food market.

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