ALFA EVO S/D is an automatic packaging machine used for small and big premade pouches, ideal for food branch, easy to be used and maintained.
Made up of an 8 stations section carousel, on each of them there are 2 pincers that guarantee the grip of the pouch during the whole process. Preset for vacuum application, with chance to work also in damp environments for autoclaving process.

Pouch type Doypack®, Stand-up, Flat, Shaped, Gusset, Spouted.
Pouch width * 150-350 mm single (400 mm optional)
90-165 mm double
Pouch height * 260-400/550 mm for stand-up pouches and radiated storage
160-400/550 mm for flat pouches and drawers storage
Gusset dimensions * 60 x 60 mm max
Machine's dimensions * 2200 x 2500 x 2200 mm
Matchable dosing system Multihead weigher, auger filler, cap filler, volumetric filler, and more.
Pouch materials For example PET/PE, PET/EVOH/PE, PET/PP or other monomaterial thermosealable only internally or externally.
Mechanical speed per minute Up to 50 ppm
Machine's weight * 3500 Kg

* May change according to specific project
Specifications are subject to change without notice

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