Envelopes with a central cap, or spout, are one of the most original and innovative packaging.
This type of packaging is destined to change the packaging of products such as soft drinks, sauces and products such as yoghurt and honey, but it is now also cleared through customs for powdery and granular products such as sugar, salt or flour and bird feed.

The caps can be of various diameters depending on the product that the bag will contain. These packages are in fact specifically designed to act as a modern alternative to bulky rigid containers such as bottles, boxes or cans. In fact, these cost much more and are more expensive even in the transport phase and have more impact from an environmental point of view, as well as being a real waste of material.
In fact, empty bags take up 97% less space than cans or bottles, with a ratio of 1 container compared to the 7 needed for the same amount of packages.

They also use approximately 75% less plastic than a rigid container of the same capacity. With their shape capable of adapting to the contents by exploiting their full capacity, their minimum empty space and their large printable surface, the pouches with spout are destined to change the rules in the beverage market and others. In fact, our customers use them both for juices and food liquids, but also for paints, cosmetic products, soap refills, even softball balls and mechanical spheres.

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